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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Becoming The Wholehearted by HowlRound

By Deborah Stein, Suli Holum. The second time I worked with my boxing trainer, I burst out crying. I don’t know what set me off, I know that it was at the end of the session and I was exha…

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Mets Fan’s Guide To The Theater by HowlRound

By Sam Marks. But maybe the reason I obsess over sports is because of how very different they are from what I have chosen to do. In sports, there’s the illusion of fairness and opportunity…

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Death and Art in Palestine: Nabil Al-Ra’ee and The Freedom Theatre by HowlRound

By Patricia Davis. “One of the most important things the occupation has succeeded in doing,” Nabil Al-Ra’ee says, “is to kill hope, to shut down the mind, and to kill the imagination…

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National Center for Arts Research livestreams discussion with Kate Levin—Thurs, April 17—#NCARfellow by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. Join SMU from Dallas, Texas as they present the conversation Transforming Arts and Culture Nationwide livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV n…

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Monday, April 14, 2014

Writing and Fighting by HowlRound

By Will Power. Isn’t boxing just like writing a play? First, you have to train (the muscles in the gym if a boxer, the mind facing the screen if a writer). Then you have to fight! (What we…

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What Chimerica Tells Us About the Photograph by HowlRound

By Srila Nayak. Based on an actual photograph, the main action of Lucy Kirkwood’s play is an American photojournalist’s unyielding quest to unlock the mystery of a photograph taken by hi…

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Twitter Chat Topic: Dramaturgical Collaborations in Devised Work—Thurs, April 17 by HowlRound

By HowlRound. This week's conversation topic is "Dramaturgical Collaborations in Devised Work" and will be moderated by @ArtsEmerson—who like all of our moderators, authors, and content pr…

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Suzan-Lori Parks livestreams Watch Me Work—Wed, April 16 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. You’re invited to join Suzan-Lori Parks from the lobby of The Public Theater in New York City for "Watch Me Work" which is livestreaming for the global, commons-based peer…

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

The Problem with Loving Sports and Theater by HowlRound

By Mat Smart. In an age where so much can be recorded and on-demand, theater is an antidote to spending our day looking at a screen, to watching the YouTube videos and television shows anyti…

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Livestreaming the 1st Alaska One-Minute Play Festival—Mon, April 14 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. The One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) & Perseverance Theatre present the 1st Alaska One-Minute Play Festival livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced Howl…

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Unpaid Internships, or Getting Your Foot in the Door of the American Theater by HowlRound

By Greg Redlawsk. A sampling of some of the major non-profits suggests that there are at least, on average, 8 to 10 unpaid interns working at any given time in the average mid to large sized…

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Livestreaming the Theatre Bay Area annual conference—Mon, April 14 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. Theatre Bay Area presents three livestreaming sessions from their annual conference on the global, commons-based peer produced HowlRound TV network at on Monday…

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Friday Phone Call # 56: The Wilhelm Brothers by Howlround

By David Dower. Today I get a chance to talk to a team of brothers who have been making work together for decades: David and Jeremy Wilhelm . There's such hybridity in their creative partner…

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Accessibility Works at the Wheelock Family Theatre by HowlRound

By Ariel Baker-Gibbs. We did "Pippi", and we had American Sign Language interpretation every weekend. This is because Wendy Lement, the producer at Wheelock, directed the play herself, and w…

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Livestreaming performance of Jarman (all this maddening beauty)—Sun, April 20 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. Inspired by pioneer British filmmaker, artist, gardener and gay rights activist Derek Jarman, known for such controversial films as "Sebastiane", "The Last of England", and …

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Performing Age: Mallory Catlett’s This Was The End by HowlRound

By Bertie Ferdman. Where "This Was the End" stood out was in playing with age in two ways. The first was with the presence of older bodies onstage, having an elder cast be their age and all …

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Celebrating Our Imperfections: A Conversation with Adina Tal of Israel’s Nalaga’at Center by HowlRound

By Kevin Becerra. No amount of research or conversation can quite prepare you for a play where eleven deaf-blind actors are telling their own stories and dreams while baking bread. Adina Tal…

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Widening the Embrace of Theater: The Different Forms of Accessibility by HowlRound

By Ariel Baker-Gibbs. The Wheelock Family Theatre, Boston was started by four people: Andrea Genser, Susan Kosoff, Jane Staab, and Tony Hancock. The mission of the theatre was to make a prof…

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Live on HowlRound TV: For Fear the Glass May Shatter by David DeMaris—Austin, Texas—Fri, April 11 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. Re-imagined 20th-century music and original video projections swirl with neuro-physics dream music built from oscillating fields and statistical mechanics in this new chambe…

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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

New York Neo-Futurists: An Interview with Christopher Andrew Loar by HowlRound

By Bess Rowen. The New York Neo-Futurists are a group of performers who are best known for their long-running show "Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind", which is their attempt to do 30 s…

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Suzan-Lori Parks livestreams Watch Me Work—Wed, April 9 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. You’re invited to join Suzan-Lori Parks from the lobby of The Public Theater in New York City for Watch Me Work which is livestreaming for the global, commons-based peer p…

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Monday, April 7, 2014

Disability in American Theater: Where is the Tipping Point? by HowlRound

By Christine Bruno. Not only is the portrayal of disability by an able-bodied actor equivalent to blackface—what we in the disability community derisively call “cripping up” (pretendin…

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Livestreaming Conversation with Author Soman Chainani: Creating a World—Tues, April 8 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. The Dramatists Guild of America in association with Harvardwood presents a conversation with author Soman Chainani livestreaming on the global, commons-based peer produced H…

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Twitter Chat Topic: How Do Theatremakers Find Collaborators?—Thurs, April 10 by HowlRound

By HowlRound. The Weekly Howl is a peer produced, open access discussion about theater culture and contemporary performance that happens in real-time on Twitter using the hashtag #newplay.* …

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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Where Do We Look? Going to the Theater as a Deaf Person by HowlRound

By Ariel Baker-Gibbs. The landscape of theater accessibility for deaf people bears a lot of questions, many that lead back to the question of art and its purpose. Theater and art inspires us…

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Friday, April 4, 2014

Melinda Lopez's Playwriting Residency at Huntington Theatre Company, Boston by HowlRound

By Miranda Craigwell. HowlRound is working with playwright residency sites around the country to track the impact of what it means to have a playwright on staff. At each of the fourteen thea…

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Memorizing Lines: The Forgotten Fundamental by HowlRound

By Garrett Ayers. Over the course of my freelance directing and teaching career, I have observed a troubling trend. The professional actors I direct, and the undergraduates I teach, are havi…

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Friday Phone Call # 55: Deb Stein and Suli Holum by Howlround

By David Dower. Today my guests are Deb Stein and Suli Holum. Together they are Stein|Holum Projects and ArtsEmerson is about to premiere their second piece, The Wholehearted. Their earlier …

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Thursday, April 3, 2014

The Broadway Effect in Rocky, Aladdin, Les Miz by HowlRound

By Jonathan Mandell. March and April are always the most frenzied months for New York drama critics, with nearly half of the entire Broadway season’s openings crammed into the few short we…

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The 8th Annual New York One-Minute Play Festival at Primary Stages—Wed, April 2 by HowlRound

By HowlRound TV. T he One-Minute Play Festival (#1MPF) (Dominic D’Andrea, Producing Artistic Director) and Primary Stages (Casey Childs, Founder & Executive Producer; Andrew Leynse, Ar…

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Ensembles: How To Model One? by HowlRound

By Jeffrey Mosser. So what is the model? Where is the Venn Diagram? Which flowchart should I follow to start my ensemble theater? From the similarities of these three case studies I’ve att…

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