Seussical Sneak Peek
Where the hell was Equity when cameras were rolling at 890 during Seussical rehearsal? I understand the need for a press day and still photos, but to take video cameras into rehearsal is not good for anyone. Rehearsal is sacred to the actors and production team. It is a safe place where you can take risks. This video made a multi-talented (and multi-million dollar) production look like a community theatre outing. This does not put the best face forward for Broadway and theatre in general. To show this video to anyone outside the industry is a mistake.

Broadway Flirts With Old Flames

Singer Lee Lessack Appears Throughout Northeast, Starting Aug. 11

Internet Marries Live Theatre at The Roman Forum, Aug. 11-19
Why do I feel as though Corky St. Clair has moved west and this is a sequel to Guffman?

Jim Caruso Records Live Album Over Brunch at NYC's Arci's Aug. 13
I will probably see you there!

Writers Guild Dumps CAC In Favor of Traditional Negotiating

Roundabout to Rename American Place Theatre After Laura Pels

Premiere of Game Show Starts Previews OB at 45 Bleeker, Oct. 10

Time and Again Will Make It to NY -- at Last

OB "Musicals in Mufti" Series Plans Rare Works by Rodgers, Weill, Styne & Schmidt

Thoroughly Terrific Tesori by Sean Patrick Flahaven

They Met in Sophie by Peter Filichia

Union Ads Ask No Crossing Of Picket Lines. Campaign aims to torpedo scab excuses.
The SAG/AFTRA strike is still going full force, as I saw yesterday at the Puck Building (in SoHo). Well organized and attended, it is good to see the actors sticking together and not giving up.

Went to see Kudisch and Michael John LaChiusa at Seth's Chatterbox last night at Don't Tell Mama. Very entertaining hour of fun. And in case you were wondering, Kudisch left Mama's and went to Nyack for his concert. I guess he didn't need to warm up as he performed his song from The Wild Party, 'Breezin Through Another Day' at Seth's show.

From Inside.com, Dutch producer and former Dodger partner, Endemol, is playing hardball with NBC over a show that they are producing.

    "NBC is getting a lesson in the hidden costs of reality shows. Network executives said last month they were close to a deal for Chains of Love, in which a contestant is chained to several members of the opposite sex ("It's a relationship show," NBC Entertainment president Garth Ancier told reporters at the summer press tour). But the deal got held up, insiders say, partly over the issue of creative control. Dutch producer Endemol insisted on maintaining autonomy over the show's content. When NBC balked -- arguing that even producers of top scripted shows weren't granted such power -- Endemol threatened to sell the show to UPN, which had also been bidding aggressively for it. People familiar with the situation say the two sides hammered out a deal to share control of the project -- exactly how remains unclear -- and expect to finalize details within a few days. Endemol chief John De Mol will fly to Los Angeles on Thursday to talk with network executives about both Chains and Booby Trap, a hidden-camera show the network is also buying. Endemol, by the way, is thought to have driven a similarly tough bargain with CBS over Big Brother, which has produced mostly disappointing ratings this summer."

Those Dutch. They're one crazy bunch!

Karen Mason returns to the popular cabaret and restaurant Arci's Place for a six-week engagement beginning Wednesday, Sept 6th. This engagement at Arci’s Place, which will feature standards ranging from Gershwin to Antonio Carlos Jobim, will be Ms. Mason’s only New York cabaret appearance in 2000. The performance schedule is Wednesday and Thursday evenings at 8:30 PM; Fridays and Saturdays at 8:30 & 11 PM and Sundays at 8 PM. Barry Kleinbort will Direct, Christopher Denny will be Musical Director with Matt Berman designing sound and lights. Mr. Denny will be joined by Bob Renino on bass.

Have you seen the piece on Anita Waxman on NY1 in the last week? Anita was named New Yorker of the Week by NY1 News. I was hoping to have a link to it, but NY1 has not put it up on their site.

Bach You Can't Live Without.

    "Unless you've been living under a rock or enjoying an extended vacation on Mars, you must be aware that this year marks the 250th anniversary of the death of one of Western civilization's true icons, Johann Sebastian Bach. With the deluge of concerts and CD releases this past season commemorating the event, you might think the anniversary has already passed. In fact, the actual date is July 28. To mark the occasion, I asked a number of musicians an admittedly impossible question: If you were stranded on a desert island and could have just one Bach recording, which would it be? Here is how they answered."

Long in coming, The Fantasticks movie is set to open in New York City on September 22, 2000, possibly at the AMC Empire. For more information, see http://TheFantasticks.com

Somehow I feel as though New York is going to be a better town after Labor Day. Good riddance I say. Too bad it's not long enough. (No, this has nothing to do with Superstar!)

Today's birthdays include a future Phantom (Antonio Banderas), an Annie favorite (Herbert Hoover), an Unchained Melody (Bobby Hatfield) and a classic actress (Kate O'Mara)

Summer of '42 Sings Bittersweet Tune in CT Beginning Aug. 10
Is it my imagination, or is Hunter Foster just everywhere these days. BTW, that is a good thing.

Fynsworth Alley Label Gears for Sept. 1 Web Launch and Sondheim CD Release
A dream one step closer to reality. Bruce has outlined a great plan for his new record label.

Evan, Kudisch, Lanning Sing Wildhorn in Nyack Aug. 10
Isn't Kudisch doing Seth's Chatterbox tonight? How is he going to be in two places at once? On another note, the usual suspects are at it again. And where is that Rob Evan CD we were promised years ago?

SCENE AND HEARD: Seussical Rehearses in NY Before Boston Tryouts

Menzel and Barre Re-Team for Goodspeed Summer

Roundabout Leases American Place as New OB Mainstage

The Chicago Understudy by Peter Filichia

'Jitney' Replaces 'Laramie'. Union Square to host Wilson play

New Annie Is An Angel. Cheryl Ladd to be the new Annie Oakley in Annie Get Your Gun starting on September 6.
The most interesting part of this story is this statement:

    "Rumors have swirled for months about possible Broadway replacements in the hit revival, which have run the pop culture gamut from Marie Osmond to David Hasselhoff."

That's funny, because the only place I heard those rumors was at Broadway.com! It's like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Or not, in Broadway.com's case. Kind of like the story announcing Erin Dilly was not doing Millie. What's truth got to do with it?

Speaking of truth, it is ironic that the front page of Broadway.com touts the "Rocky Hopefuls" as I hear that the final bits of casting were completed yesterday, before the casting contest has even ended...

Vince Avery... Lace 2x? Hmmmm...

Pride Rock L.A. by Ken Mandelbaum
Ken mentions that Bryan Batt may understudy the Cat in the Hat. I wonder where he heard that first?

Steppenwolf's Former Managing Director, Eich, Join L.A's Geffen

Des McAnuff Returns to La Jolla as Interim Artistic Director
So, how does this affect Dodger?

REPRISE! Announces Fundraising Sunday in the Park, Sept. 18

Playwright Sater and Composer Sheik to Release "Phantom Moon"

A 70's Musical Revival Sheds Flower Children but Keeps the Faith (Godspell NYT review)

Music Man To March at Democratic Convention, Aug. 14
Wait, I think Catherine just registered Democrat and is about to call me for passes to the convention....

Library of Congress Lists B’way Names Among "America’s Top 100 Dance Treasures"

Report: Sherman Brothers at Work on a New Musical

Little Jo At Last by Sean Patrick Flahaven

Memories of Sherry! by Peter Filichia

Report: Francis Ford Coppola Workshops Gidget Musical

Hmmm.... I wonder who could play Gidget... anyway, Lisa Richard is getting some play over at RATM as people discover this west coast actress that I have been mentioning for the past few months. She has recorded her debut solo CD with LML Music and recently performed her well received show at Cinegrill, in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. This fall she takes the show on the road and lands in NYC's Don't Tell Mama from Oct 12-15th.

Bialystock's Secretary by Ken Mandelbaum
Ken has not mentioned the casting of Mario Cantone for the role of Carmen Gia in "The Producers"...

On this day in 1974, President Nixon announced he would resign following damaging revelations in the Watergate scandal.

Today's birthdays include: Dino DeLaurentiis, Dustin Hoffman, Keith Carradine and Donny Most.

Forrest Mallard, of Production Notes fame, will be interviewed tonight, live from 7:10 through 7:40PM, on eyada.com. Although you might have never heard of this internet channel, there should be over 500,000 viewers worldwide.. so he's a little anxious (in a good way).

It would be nice if some of the people in the industry that he has some kind of relationship with could call in with AMAZING things to say about PRODUCTION NOTES. The toll free phone-in number is 887-eyada-99 (or 887-392-3299).


Speaking of Forrest, this morning brings us a new issue of Production Notes!

The Godspell captions are up... put the name with the face finally!

Strange Blind Item:

    Restaurant designer David Rockwell is doing the sets for the revival of Rocky Horror Show, though he thinks no one knows it yet.

Huh? Is there trouble in ego land? It seems that Mr. Rockwell's foray into the theatre is not getting enough buzz for him? Playbill did a story on the RHS designer in July. Perhaps a spread in the Arts section of the Times is what he is looking for?

I wanted to point out that you must extend your summer for a few weeks after the US Open/Labor Day. Manhattanites and the like will be renting cars to head north to Beverly, MA to see an All-Star cast of:

    "A Little Night Music"
    North Shore Music Theatre, Beverly, MA
    Sept. 5 -24
    Donna McKechnie........Desiree
    Merle Louise................Mme Armfeldt
    Jeff McCarthy...............Fredrik
    Chuck Wagner.............Carl-Magnus
    Diana Canova...............Charlotte
    plus two extraordinary Cincinnati/CCM students as Anne and Henrik

    Director/Choreographer: Barry Ivan
    Music Director: Tony Geralis

Reprise! Spends Monday In the Park With George Sept. 18 w/McKechnie, Morrow, Panaro
Yes, I do realize that this headline makes it seem as though Donna has to be on different sides of the United States at the same time (see above), but she is an extraordinary woman! (Have you ever heard her sing I Won’t Dance/Cheek to Cheek with Darrin Baker? If not, click here!)

The City Center Box Office (West 55th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues) opened yesterday at 12:00noon for the new season; tickets are on sale for a range of performances through May, 2001.

Tickets for "My Favorite Broadway", hosted by Julie Andrews on October 16; the 2000 Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater season (November 29 to December 31); and single tickets for City Center Encores! (February 8 to 11, March 22 to 25, and May 3 to 7, 2001) are due to go on sale September 5. Encores! subscription and 'Triple Play' tickets are on sale now through CityTix (phone 212-581-1212) or by ordering on-line. Just click the ENCORES! SUBSCRIPTIONS button on our home page at www.citycenter.org.

Broadway Grosses: July 31 - August 6 - Part 2

Slow-Going Equity Production Contract Talks May Bear Fruit in August

Music Man's Craig Bierko to Appear on "Late Night" Aug. 8
This is strictly for Catherine's Mom.

Working Theatre Among 22 Not-For-Profits Awarded A.R.T./NY Grants

Writers Guild Meets in L.A. on Sept. 18 to Discuss Minimum Basic Agreement

'River' Flow Is Ending. Off B'Way comedy ran for almost two years, 'Barrio' to follow in Houseman

B'way B.O. Beating '99 But Still Sees Declines

A Most Tasty Dinner by Peter Filichia

Feldshuh Pays Musical Tribute to Tallulah OB, Sept. 8

British Sing-A-Long Sound of Music Makes U.S. Debut on 42nd Street, Sept. 7

“An End of an Era” At VA’s Signature – General Manager Paul Gamble Resigns
Perhaps Robert Johanson can go fill that role. (You know I am kidding, right?)

Laramie Letdown

His Name Is Molina by Ken Mandelbaum
Ken mentions that "It's said that Glenn Close is considering taking on the lead in The Visit." I wonder where he heard that...

MTC to do long awaited "Time and Again"

Michael John LaChiusa this Thursday (along with Kudisch at Seth's Chatterbox.)

I noticed that Broadway.com has reunited Alan Campbell with Lauren Kennedy. Glad to see it.

On this day in 1876, Mata Hari was born. (Mata Hari was the Dutch dancer executed by the French for espionage during World War I.)

Speaking of Mata Hari, I saw the final comp of the CDs from the shows Mata Hari and Breakfast at Tiffany's (Original Cast Records). These long awaited recordings should be in the stores around Labor Day.

A Playwright's Experiment in Democracy Didn't Rally the People. The Institute on the Arts and Civic Dialogue at Harvard University, a heady mix of summer camp, artists' colony, encounter group and think tank founded and directed by the playwright and actor Anna Deavere Smith, right, closed its doors on Friday.

Sir Alec Guinness, Elegant Actor of Film and Stage, Is Dead at 86

SAG/AFTRA Strike Support Rises. Picket lines multiply as other unions increase solidarity.

L.I.'s Broadhollow Sets Out Three-Venue Season

Camp Broadway Raises Tent Aug. 7 at TheatreWorks

Sinatra and Reprise -- Together Again, Starting Aug. 13

What Makes a Great Musical? by Peter Filichia

Avow Party (Pictures)
Proving that I learn something new every day... I always thought that Alan Campbell was married to Lauren Kennedy, not Lauren Ward, as this Broadway.com article mentions...

Although I can't confirm this, it is said that Sebastian Bach is singing the J&H music at least a third higher than the original key that his predecessors sang it in. That is almost tempting me to go see it again as word has it that Sebastian really rocks in the vocals, but is terrifyingly bad as an actor. I guess it is okay for that role...

With the strike of Verizon (formerly Bell Atlantic), coupled with random sabotage, internet connections may be intermittent this week. Be prepared.

On this day in 1945, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan, during World War II, killing an estimated 140,000 people in the first use of a nuclear weapon in warfare.

On Aug. 6, 1911, Lucille Ball, the American radio, television and film comedic actress, was born. Following her death on April 26, 1989, her obituary appeared in The Times. (Go to obit.)

Other birthdays from today include: Geri Halliwell, Soleil Moon Frye and Andy Warhol.

Germany's Classic of Classics, All 21 Hours. When one of Germany's most celebrated theatrical directors, Peter Stein, determined to mount a production of the complete uncut "Faust," it became an event of national magnitude.

Where Everyone Is a Mentor to Everyone Else. The annual three-week Sundance Theater Lab near Provo, Utah, is not exactly summer camp, but it does give playwrights, directors, and solo performers a chance to get away and experiment.

Love, Janis Leaves Bay Street Theatre, Aug. 6; NYC Next?

Solis Plans Off-B'way Lady Day Revival

What Makes Armin Run by Peter Filichia

On this day in 1824, The comic strip ``Little Orphan Annie'' by Harold Gray made its debut. Today's birthdays include Maureen McCormick and John Saxon.

`Carmina Burana' Quits the Monastery for Wall Street

A Times Square Sinatra Gets Under Their Skin

SAG Strike Now Longest In Union's History But Commercial Production Still at 85 Percent

Bat Boy, the Musical Wings Into Final Day of Workshop Aug. 5

B'way Man Who Came to Dinner Sets Oct. 7 Airdate on PBS

My Other Theatre World Awards by Peter Filichia

Buzz on RHS Internet audition finalists is good. They are appropriately scary.



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