Follow Spot
by Michael Portantiere

07/15/2010: This Year's Rent

07/13/2010: Presidential Material

07/04/2010: Hardy Boy

06/29/2010: High School Stars

06/21/2010: Falling in Love Again

06/17/2010: A Meeting of the 'mos (and Their Friends)

06/11/2010: The 2010 Phony Awards

06/09/2010: Every One a Winner

06/03/2010: Doug Sills Gets the Hook

05/27/2010: If It Only Even Runs a Minute

05/20/2010: Gregg Baker: From Crown to Porgy

05/14/2010: Mad for Mitzi!

05/12/2010: Natalie Douglas Celebrates Lena Horne

05/10/2010: The Kid Has Two Dads

05/05/2010: Tony Hopefuls

05/04/2010: They Did It His Way

04/28/2010: Gaga for BC/EFA!

04/20/2010: Charlie Williams, "Mr. Memphis," Wins Broadway Beauty Pageant

04/12/2010: Men of Broadway

04/08/2010: Kelli and Paulo and Alan and Fritz

04/07/2010: The Best of Times is Now -- So Rock On!

03/30/2010: Notes from the Breen Office

03/22/2010: Where is Will?

03/15/2010: Steinbeck Sings

03/11/2010: Colored Lights

03/07/2010: Thinking About Yank

02/28/2010: I'm Getting Temperamental Over You

02/23/2010: Boyz Will Be Girlz (and Vice-Versa)

02/08/2010: Prepare for ReEntry

02/08/2010: You're in the Armory Now!

02/04/2010: Each Day is Valentine's Day

01/28/2010: What A View From the Bridge Taught Me (and Re-Taught Me)

01/20/2010: Richard Thomas Joins the Wall of Fame

01/11/2010: Giving Carmen the Eyre

01/11/2010: The Altar Boyz Have Left the Building

01/04/2010: One More Week of Musical Theater Heaven

12/21/2009: Once in Love With Ernest

12/09/2009: Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig: Gypsies of the Year

12/02/2009: Show Me Christmas!

11/29/2009: Well Met

11/24/2009: Many Thanks

11/17/2009: Wonderful Town

11/15/2009: Ann Hampton Callaway and Marc Kudisch Do the Good Stuff

11/02/2009: You're Going Out There a Soprano, But You've Got to Come Back a Diva!

10/19/2009: Welcome Back to Falsettoland

10/12/2009: "The Misbegotten G.O.P."

10/08/2009: An Era Exploding, a Century Spinning

10/02/2009: Boo Who?

09/21/2009: Changing the World, 30 Musicals at a Time

09/15/2009: Bye Bye Bea

09/13/2009: Backstage at Broadway on Broadway

09/08/2009: Oh, Vera, I Can't Wait to Hear That Overture!

09/01/2009: Sleeping Around With Sondra Lee

08/13/2009: Natalie Speaks, Marni Sings

08/12/2009: Too Darn Hot!

07/30/2009: Everything's Coming Up Merman for Klea and for You

07/28/2009: All Singin' All Dancin'

07/17/2009: A Broadway Summer at The Town Hall

07/03/2009: The Funny Girl Has Three Faces

07/01/2009: Beach Listening

06/22/2009: Steven Pasquale: Somethin' Like Love

06/12/2009: Thomas Kail in Oz

06/09/2009: The 2009 Phony Awards

06/04/2009: Superhero Celebrity Rehab

06/02/2009: Welcome to the Theatre

05/29/2009: Michael and Cheyenne and Frank

05/24/2009: Barbara Song

05/19/2009: Friends of the Theater

05/18/2009: Getting Married Today

05/13/2009: Steven Weber Uncensored

05/07/2009: Every One a Winner

05/01/2009: Michael Urie Gets Temperamental

04/29/2009: Spring in Their Steps

04/28/2009: Pops and Circumstance

04/24/2009: She Dreamed a Dream in Time Gone By

04/16/2009: Bring On the Broadway Boys!

04/14/2009: 24 Hours Can Go So Fast

04/10/2009: Dear Abby

04/03/2009: James Carpinello Rocks!

04/01/2009: Good Morning Starshine

03/27/2009: Somehow, Someday, Somewhere

03/23/2009: Audrey II

03/17/2009: Rooms Full of Talent

03/13/2009: They Both Reached for the Gunn!

03/05/2009: Music of the Night

02/17/2009: Give My Regards to Off-Broadway

02/03/2009: Parties at Sardi's

01/05/2009: A Great, Big Swallow of Puccini

12/22/2008: Year-End Musings and Follow-Ups

12/15/2008: Have Yourself a Very Barbra Christmas

12/10/2008: The Robe Must Go On!

12/05/2008: Jonathan Groff Moves Upstate

11/26/2008: Thank You Very Much

11/17/2008: I Wanna Be a Dancin', Singin', Actin', Writin', Directin', Choreographin' Man!

11/11/2008: Rosie Loves Broadway; Kids Get Free Tix!

10/31/2008: Laura Loves Steven, and Broadway Loves Joe's Pub

10/28/2008: On Broadway!

10/22/2008: Most Excellent

10/20/2008: True Originals

10/17/2008: We Bombed in New Mexico

10/13/2008: That's Acting!

09/30/2008: Two Nights at the Opera, and One Night at the Pop-Operetta

09/26/2008: Equus Rides

09/22/2008: Strong Market

09/19/2008: Spring Reawakening

09/14/2008: Broadway Heats Up!

09/12/2008: Musical Comedy Nights

08/29/2008: Five Enchanted Evenings (and Three Matinees) With William Michals

08/18/2008: Mary Martin Is Dolly Gallagher Levi!

08/11/2008: Less -- and Much More -- of Liza

08/06/2008: You Are There!

07/28/2008: Sam Harris Breaks Free

07/21/2008: Rosie, Christine, Daphne, Carolee, Andrea, Lillias...and Barbra?

07/14/2008: Michael Berresse Directs a Broadway [Show]!

07/07/2008: Berger Deluxe

06/27/2008: Everything is Rosie for Charles Strouse

06/20/2008: Daniel McDonald: True Love

06/17/2008: A Little Night Music in a Romantic Atmosphere

06/13/2008: The 2008 Phony Awards

06/11/2008: What a Wonderful Theatre World

06/04/2008: I'm a Pretty Girl, Mama!

06/02/2008: Time for a Visit to Broadway

05/25/2008: Two New Musicals Hit the Heights on CD

05/16/2008: Raúl Stops the Show

05/09/2008: No, No, Nanette is the Bee's Knees

05/06/2008: Keep Your Mouth Off the Merm!

05/02/2008: High Drama

04/30/2008: It Might as Well Be Easter

04/28/2008: A Body Without a Head

04/23/2008: Go, Billy!

04/20/2008: So in Love With Michele Ragusa

04/17/2008: Sing a Song of Alan Menken

04/07/2008: From Jersey to Westphalia

04/02/2008: Foster Child

03/27/2008: Point Me Toward Tomorrow

03/21/2008: White House Keeping

03/14/2008: A Piece of Cake

03/04/2008: Party Like It's 1947

02/21/2008: Under the Sea, and Over the Moon

02/11/2008: Listen to Her Heart

02/08/2008: "Tomorrow" and "Tomorrow" and "Tomorrow"

02/01/2008: Fasten Your Seat Belts

01/25/2008: Backwards to the Future

01/21/2008: "I Was Jilted By a Lesbian Dwarf"

01/15/2008: In the Company of Women

01/04/2008: I Resolve

12/31/2007: What Hump(erdinck)?

12/21/2007: Swing Your Razor Wide, Sweeney!

12/19/2007: Jets, Sharks, and Gypsies

12/14/2007: Gifts That Keep on Giving

12/10/2007: Twist and Shout!

12/05/2007: Tonight, Tonight

11/29/2007: Bob of La Mancha

11/26/2007: Julian's Calendar

11/21/2007: Now We're Cookin'!

11/13/2007: 12 Great Shows You Can See While the Strike Is On

11/09/2007: The Merm Gets Her Due

11/06/2007: Who's Afraid of American Opera?

11/02/2007: The Monster Bash

10/29/2007: Miracle of Miracles

10/25/2007: Macbeth at the Met: No Great Shakespeare

10/22/2007: The Pinter of Our Discontent

10/18/2007: To the Max

10/12/2007: Chasin' Jason

10/05/2007: For Your Reading and Listening Pleasure

09/29/2007: Lucia Goes Mad, Gets Even at Met

09/25/2007: To Market, To Market

09/21/2007: Hair Today; Con Tomorrow

09/17/2007: Broadway al Fresco

09/13/2007: A Taste of NYMF

09/10/2007: Shaw on This Shining Night

08/28/2007: More Top 40 Broadway

08/23/2007: A Lone Star is Reborn

08/20/2007: Top 40 Broadway

08/14/2007: The Lady is a Champ

08/06/2007: Let's All Play "Cast the Revivals!"

07/28/2007: High School All Over Again!

07/19/2007: The Gypsy Cult

07/14/2007: At Sea With Rosie, Annie, and the Gang

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