Archive of Matthew Murray's Columns

06/13/2010: 2010 Tony Awards Photos

06/05/2010: She's Flying, in More Ways Than One

05/09/2010: Make Our Garden Grow

04/10/2010: Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, but Get it Right

02/13/2010: No Leniency for Theatre Phone Criminals

01/30/2010: It's Better with a Union Stand?

01/12/2010: To Everything There Is a Season

12/31/2009: The Best Theatre of the Decade

10/19/2009: The Award I Wish I Could Give

09/28/2009: Hope and Love, Lost and Found in the Twin Towers' Absence

09/19/2009: The Urge to Emerge

08/21/2009: Just When it Was Starting to Feel Real

07/14/2009: Reviewing the Tony Situation

06/29/2009: 10 Ways to Stay on Patti LuPone's Good Side

05/15/2009: Perspectives on Faith and Death, Both Tragic and Comic

05/14/2009: Two Troubled Shows and Two Visions of Troubled America, in Our Nation's Capitol

05/12/2009: Heartbreak Country

05/03/2009: Acting? Schmacting

04/17/2009: The Music, the Mirror, the Movie

04/12/2009: Signature Epic

04/11/2009: They Don't Write the Music, but They Make it Sound Great

04/05/2009: Tell Me It's Not True

03/13/2009: Once in a Long Weill

03/07/2009: The (Almost) Glamorous Life

03/05/2009: Only for... Uh... Well... Sometime...

02/13/2009: Not Quite Back to Before

12/30/2008: The Line of the Year

12/29/2008: All Good Gifts, if Only for Yourself

12/01/2008: Review: Mauritius at the Women's Theater Company in Parsippinay, New Jersey

11/30/2008: Review: Southern Comforts at the Bickford Theatre in Morris Township, New Jersey

11/27/2008: Thanks, But No Thanks

11/05/2008: White Noise

10/27/2008: Welcome to a Different Party

10/20/2008: School Daze

10/19/2008: Revival Meeting

09/01/2008: By the Book

06/27/2008: An Uncomfortable Visit to the Boundaries of Show Business

05/29/2008: Revisiting Life on that Wicked—and Wonderful—Stage

05/10/2008: Ticky Ticky Tock... Please Make it Stop!

05/06/2008: Welcome Playbill Radio listeners!

01/27/2008: Kate the Great

01/22/2008: What Once Was Lost

01/15/2008: The Music of the Night, Reconstructed

12/26/2007: Eighty Years Young, and Still Rolling Along

11/26/2007: Speak Out, Don't Speak Low

10/08/2007: Forget Music and Lyrics, This Time the Blog Comes First

09/14/2007: September Songs, from Spies Both Real and Imagined

07/30/2007: Let's Put on a Show! Okay, so Which One?

07/25/2007: Summer School for Broadway's Just-Finished Season

05/11/2007: Show Business

04/28/2007: All About Us

12/12/2006: If Leslie and Patti Could Only Combine... Oh Wait, They Have

10/23/2006: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something White

10/05/2006: The Perfect Romance

08/27/2006: Around the World: France, East Hampton, and LingoLand

07/30/2006: Broadway CD Roundup (7/30/2006)

07/21/2006: Off-Broadway CD Roundup (7/21/2006)

06/20/2006: The Broadway Musicals of 1978

06/12/2006: Hello, Dolly!

05/04/2006: Patti LuPone: The Lady With the Torch

05/02/2006: The Broadway Musicals of 1968

04/03/2006: The Broadway Musicals of 1956