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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Sixteen-months of Stage Money Links by ( )

The RoadOn the Road, Actors Seek Higher Pay - How a theatre fan from Montreal became a Broadway power broker - The Globe and Mail How …

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Saturday, January 11, 2014

Stage Money Used as a Source for New Yorker Blog about the Future Business Prospects of Spider-man by ( )

"To Flip a Flop"--great title for an essay by Elizabeth Weiss for the New Yorker blog about the prospects for Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark recouping money now that it's closed on Broadway. …

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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blog Links: Thoughts on Theater Careers by ( )

The Seattle paper The Stranger reports on the contradictory pull on theater artists: Stay in Seattle or Try for New York?…

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A Real NFP Production Budget Revealed by ( )

American Theatre magazine for November 2013 has an interesting brief piece on the actual budget for a production of August: Osage County at the ZACH Theatre in Austin, Texas.  Note the …

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Blog link: Obscure Federal Law Change May Make Finding Investors for the Theater Easier by ( )

Ken Davenport is excited that theater producers may now be able to advertise to attract investors.  The change in Federal law Davenport discusses may seem picayune to us in the theater …

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News Links: NFP Arts and NFP Theater--Out of the Recession Woods? by ( )

The evidence for the health of the NFP arts and especially theater is mixed.The National Arts Index continues on and gets media notice.  It's latest report, which is actually for 2010, …

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News Links: Broadway is Still the Fabulous Invalid by ( )

Is Broadway healthy or failing?  As usual, the evidence varies.Wicked continues strong.…

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News Links: Presenter and Producer in PA Sued for Copyright Infringement by ( )

Don't mess with Disney!…

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News Links: Best Paid Stagehands Briefly Strike by ( )

Carnegie Hall's stagehands are acknowledged to be the best paid in the business.  The strike was not for more pay but to force Carnegie Hall to create new union jobs.  It…

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Broadway League and City of New York Collaborate to Promote Broadway Theater by ( )

The result is a nice piece of design.  Can't imagine it will have much effect for the City or the League. Click screendump below to go to the website.

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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Study Link: European Artists Happy if Often Unemployed by ( )

A study published in the journal Economic Letters, finds that although many artists are prone to high unemployment and low incomes which would suggest they have low job satisfaction, in fact…

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Blog Link: Fifty Most Powerful People in the NFP Arts by ( )

Here's a provocative list of the 50 most powerful people in the NFP arts, compiled by Barry Hessenius.  Barry is the author of Hardball Lobbying for Nonprofits: Real Advocacy for Nonpro…

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News Links: NFP Theater, the Good and the Not-So-Good by ( )

The Maltz Jupiter Theatre in Fort Lauderdale breaks records for numbers of subscribers and single ticket sales:…

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News Links: The Shuttering of Shakespeare Santa Cruz by ( )

Strong feelings rise about the demise of any good regional theater and the shuttering of SSC by the action of the University of California, Santa Cruz administration has engendered strong fe…

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Monday, August 26, 2013

News Link: London Theater Is Also Expensive by ( )

Especially when you include special packages from NFP theaters for donors:

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News Link: "Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark" Seems Ready to Waste Even More Money in Hopes of Finally Recouping by ( )

Have you seen Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark?  Would you invest a dime of your own money in another life for the lifeless book and music?  I have and I wouldn't.  But it appear…

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News Link: Guilty Plea in "Rebecca" Musical Investment Scam by ( )

Being a Broadway producer is hard enough without criminals trying to pull a scam, especially such a dumb one at that.…

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News Link: 54 Below Looking for New Investors, More Dollars per Customer by ( )

I have had a few wonderful evenings in the Broadway-area cabaret 54 Below and I look forward to more.  But it seems the original financial plan isn't working out.…

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News Links: NFP Arts by ( )

Changes imperil NFP theaters: North Carolina…

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Friday, July 26, 2013

News Link: Joining Equity Seems to a Young Actor Like the Big Time. In Many Cities, That's Often Not True by ( )

Actors in many markets must choose whether to join Actors Equity or not.  With Actors Equity there's higher pay and the chance of getting health insurance...if you work.  But in ma…

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News Link: New Marketing Approaches for Performing Arts Organizations by ( )

There's an advertising truism that has been attributed to a couple of early successful merchants:"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.Find…

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News Link: What's a Ticket Worth? by ( )

Although the media hubbub about ticket scalpers focuses on sports and big pop music shows, the same principles apply to the theater.…

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News Links about NFP Theaters and Arts Organizations by ( )

The Intiman Theater in Seattle returns, a smaller and different organization.…

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Friday, July 12, 2013

News Links: Facts about US Artists, Including Theater Artists by ( )

The NEA has extracted data from US Census records about earnings and locations for artists, including theater artists.  There are few surprises.…

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The Price of a Tony Award is $2,500, but You Have To Win First by ( ) Pippin this year, Fran and Barry Weissler got their physical Tony …

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News Link: A Recipe for Broadway Success with a Straight Play by ( )

Well, not a recipe that always works.  As the Variety link notes, although the last season saw five successes following the formula of star performers in a limited run, four other produ…

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News Links: 20th Century Fox Becomes the Last Large Film Studio To Produce Broadway Musicals by ( ) follows Sony, which started a partnership in the summer of 2012.http://artsbe…

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News Links: NFP Theaters and Other Arts Organizations by ( )

Funding for NFP Arts Organizations Improves a Little An NFP Theat…

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Summarizing the Broadway Season by ( )

Financially, the Broadway season that just ended was not great.  Income and attendance were down a bit. Forty shows opened in  the 2012-2013 season compared with forty-one new show…

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

News Link: Plays Can Succeed on Broadway by ( )

Once this would have been a dog-bites-man story, but it's news today that non-musical plays can succeed on Broadway.…

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Seven stages of the Guthrie Theater at 50 by ( )

From the StarTribune, an unusually detailed and candid account of the effects over its fifty-year history of the seven artistic directors of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis, certainly amo…

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